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Consider why givers say “Why do people make it so difficult for us to give them money?”

Funding the family business :: The Book

If you are raising financial support from your own network of contacts to allow you to fulfil a call of God on your life into some form of Christian ministry, then this book is for you.

It looks at the biblical principles of giving and receiving, the stages of the giving process, considers the pitfalls and barriers to financial support raising and gives practical suggestions on how to overcome them. With downloadable exercises to help you get practical, the book contains all you need to get you started. 

Designed as an easy-to-carry workbook, it is packed with stories, insight and teaching that will inspire, inform and guide you in your ministry journey. Thousands of Christian Workers have benefited from the book since its first publication in 2006 and subsequent revision in 2011. To buy a copy, see below for options.  

If you think you might need a more interactive approach, then think about the training seminars - see training page for more details.


Copies can be ordered directly from 10ofThose and shipped within the UK and worldwide.

Other language editions:

To purchase the spanish edition, please go to Amazon

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German edition available from Neufeld Verlag with the title Gott, die Welt und das liebe Geld.  Visit their website for purchase information.

"Giving a copy of this book to all their staff will be one of the best investments any mission could make"  Martin Lee, Former Executive Director, Global Connections

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