Consider this...

Raising support isnít just about getting the money you need. It is about exploring the relationships God has already given you to see who he has called to be part of your support team.

Funding the family business :: Help Me !

So you need to raise some money? Perhaps a lot of money? Perhaps quickly?

Well, we can’t offer quick fix solutions. Indeed, we don’t attempt to give you answers.  Instead we want you to discover for yourself, how it is that God intends his business of Christian mission, to be funded.

That task is not to raise money, but to raise support.  A team of supporters will provide much more than money; prayer, encouragement and practical help for example. For this endeavour you will need to engage your heart, your head and your hands.

Heart: Seek revelation of the Biblical principles of giving and receiving
Head: Learn the 'whys' and 'hows' of giving
Hands: Try out the practical suggestions for raising support.

In doing this you will find:

  1. peace, rather than being stressed about the financial amounts involved.
  2. confidence to ask people to support you
  3. success in growing your support base
  4. joy in seeing your mission/ministry bear the fruit of givers and receivers working together.
If you want to take this further you can buy the book or you can book a place on one of the training events run by Myles Wilson.
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